We defined the responsibilities of Chief Networking Officer worldwide on Wikipedia. In order to attend a strong demand for CNOs, we have prepared the following virtual coaching program:

- Prepare CNO to lead a team
- Build up a BNM - Business Networks Management team
- Social networks training

- Goals definition
- Stakeholders network analysis
- Existing stakeholders segmentation
- Structuring of ideal network
- Expansion of ideal network (constant action as a habit)
- Organize solid referrals and testimonials
- Register success cases
- STP: Segmentation, Target e Positioning before each stakeholder
- Specific communication within the network
- Strategic planning (online on Internet and Social Networks & real world)
- Action calendar preparation
- Implementation and monitoring

- Only CNO - Chief Networking Officer or CNO and BNM key-leaders team. 
- Virtual (via Skype/Webconference)
- Packages: 12h or 24h
- Tool: Mind Map (Free Mind – download)
- 1-2h/week
- Flexible time schedule