I have been working with social networks for 7 years. It took me only a few minutes to understand the tremendous opportunity that lies in dynamics evolution between people.Social networks not just a fad but a long and lasting road. As they are globalization, computers, the Internet, mobile phones etc ...

It´s interesting to notice that politicians have already understood the true name of the game: population management. They already know that people will be increasingly "digitized". Following the Darwinian species evolutionary principle, the one that is not flexible and able to adapt to new environmental conditions quickly, will disappear. This disappearance may be the end of lifetime or even social, by isolation due to lack of use of socialization means. Unlike companies that are always segmeting, the political class understands that what matters is that people vote. And that affects a significant percentage of the population. Besides, when people vote, they are thinking about themselves and their children who have not reached the voting maturity and depend on the choices of parents in their favor.

The politicians have already realized that from now on, elections will be increasinglydecided by the digital citizen. Their opinion and persuasion power will have a greater weight than the own political campaign, that is expensive and requires high doses of traditional media exposure. A digital citizen who is an opinion leader and has a high energy activity in social networks, can be an invaluable contributor to the political parties and candidates. Therefore, for politicians, every individual has the power to decide an election. Principalmente, se o indivíduo estiver enganjado em redes sociais e for um meganetworker. Especially, if this individual is engaged into social networking and is a meganetworker.

If we watch the world above (please click on the image to find the most updated information), we see that the world population has surpassed the barrier of 6.8 billion people. It is estimated that world population growth in the order of 6 + million people/year.This means that economies need to grow without destroying the planet to accommodate all this increased population.

Despite diseases, transit, natural disasters, the world population keeps the pace of positive growth. People are living longer. E precisam manter uma geração de renda para que não percam o poder aquisitivo de outrora e possam levar uma vida digna. And they need to keep an income generation to not lose their past purchasing power and afford a decent life. Many concepts as of the 3rd., 4th. and 5th age must be reviewed immediately.

This simple information clearly indicates that governments and society as a whole need to offer more and better food, health, education, transportation, housing, employment, renewable and clean sources of energy etc ... To the extent that this new citizen has entered a world that is increasingly digital, it is imperative that companies also suited to receive the new employee, customer, supplier, investor and stakeholder in general.People will choose those companies that best understand their needs and interests by all means.

At the same time, with such impressive numbers, any percentage of a conquered niche may already be enough to ensure a decent standard of living for many individuals. Hence all this discussion about the long tail phenomenon that is nothing more than managing targeted population with excellence.

Therefore, social networks may mean, in some years, that central point of contact between all the inhabitants of the planet. Fully integrated and interdependent, regardless of time and geography. Hence, the importance for companies to be very well positioned in this environment.

Those who arrive first and maintain a strong pace of expansion in content and form of communication will have a huge advantage and scope over the others who come after."The winner takes it all". For the laggards, will be necessary to make a much larger and probably much more expensive effort. As companies usually do not realize the damage until the quarterly earnings begin to become red, the danger is that there may be no money and not enough time for a marketing activity on social networks in order to revert an upcoming extinction scenario.

Conclusion: time is pressing. The sooner your organization has a clear strategy and positioning in social networks, the better. Hire experts in social networks, train your team of internal employees and promote the involvement of all individuals who work around your business in a structured and continuous manner. There is no more time left for phrases like "we will leave it for next year." To the extent that the speed of change accelerates exponentially around the world, twelve months may be more than enough time to cause irreversible losses.

If the reader is in a leadership and decision making position in your organization, you should be directly accountable for the consequences of any delay in implementing a practical plan of action and effectiveness in social networks. Are you ready to take on this challenge?


Octavio Pitaluga Neto