CNO - Chief Networking Officer is a mega strategist and business networks manager. He operates seamlessly in the real world as well as in the virtual environment. He masters the art of turning contacts into long lasting relationships that lead to effective business.

Will you be a potential CNO? How HR departments will quickly recognize a future CNO?Let´s take 10 points that can assist you in this identification.

1. Leadership: CNO is a naturally born leader. He stands out from the crowd by his distinctive style. Sometimes softer, sometimes harder whenever the situation requires it, but always making the right decisions at precise time.

2. Communication: Both verbal and written communication, CNO presents his ideas in a didactic, clear, that makes a lot of sense and that will lead other stakeholders into action.

3. Strategist: all good people has strategic value for the short, medium and long term.The CNO understands that in order to reach big targets, it is essential to build an outstanding team and to implement a winning strategy that is inserted into the team´s DNA.

4. Relationship Manager: people oriented, he understands the value of every human being in the system and knows that they will change their position in the chain of stakeholders along the walk. What really matters is to identify those diamonds with which the CNO will shine together.

5. Innovativor: CNO is always attuned to the latest trends. A practical way to visualize this point are people who like technology, Internet, social networking and new business models in general.

6. Developer: of people and ideas. CNO is a coach by nature and master the business networks management coaching methodology. He knows that alone does not get far. He will just reach his destination if he is able to inspire and develop people by giving them a worthy purpose and higher value as well as he motivates people to belong to something bigger and that will make them proud of. That is his mission and purpose of life.

7. Self-motivated: He always sees the half full glass. His attitude is constructive because he is solely responsible for his fate. CNO does not waste time blaming others or finding excuses for their misfortunes, but is always motivating himself to find a solution to every challenge that is presented to him.

8. Negotiator: when dealing with various stakeholders, CNO is able to understand the subtleties of different motivations, needs and even concerns of their peers. Overcome conflicts of interests is crucial in order to drive the project to a harmonious and effective closure.

9. Noble values: CNO serves his network and does not use the same for his own benefit. He always adds a value well above this reward for such unique management. He is transparent in his real purpose and knows that means do not justify the ends.

10. Visionary: CNO sees wealth and value creation where most people can only see the obvious that their eyes show. He recognizes the diamond´s brilliance in each person and he knows the great opportunity that every one brings into his heart. He knows that they were born to shine and has a sincere interest to leave this legacy to all who will come after. His life transcends his time.

Have you identified yourself with this profile? Do you acknowledge this profile among your team members? Do you have professionals who have a natural potential to be worked through business networks management coaching so that they can add significant value to your business?

No matter your age, financial situation and / or career path. No matter how far you've walked and how much is still to come. No matter that most people still do not understand what you are and why you operate that way. Being a CNO is to attend a call. That inner voice that tells you that you came into the world to make a difference through efficient networks management.

Just follow your destiny then. Amen!

Octavio Neto Pitaluga