In order to assess if your company needs an Interim CNO - Chief Networking Officer, just answer some questions:

Quick Assessment
• Are all your contacts organized per region and business units?
• Do you know your connections per each network?
• Do you have your ideal network at hands?
• Do you have direct access to people who may leverage you?
• Do you talk to these people enough?
• Do you approach them correctly both offline and online?
• Do you have a Business Networks Management (BNM) team?

If you do not have clear asnwers for these questions, perhaps it is about time to consider hiring an Interim CNO.

• Prepare a new CNO - Chief Networking Officer
• Choose BNM team members
• Train CNO + Team about BNM approach
• Define value proposition x goals
• Analyse main networks
• Organize existing contacts
• STP : Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning
• Define communication approach
• Use online social networks
• Expand your network virtually
• Structure new databasis
• Existing network => Ideal network
• Action plan (real & virtual worlds)
• Implement and monitor the project

As a result, your company will enjoy the following:

• Define CNO and Business Networks Management team
• Manage your networks effectively (in both real and online worlds)
• Define a strategic plan to grow your business (local & international)
• Create a win-win approach
• Communicate your unique value proposition (externally & internally)
• Create first sucess stories