Imagine that you become a CNO - Chief Networking Officer, ie, a mega strategist and business networks manager of a large company. One of the first things to do is assemble a team of co-managers, since this is a very arduous task for a single professional. What will be the first group of professionals that you seek?

Did it right who responded executive secretaries. Here are just 7 reasons for this decision:

1. In general, executive secretaries are in business for a long period or accompany a career of a top executive for several years;
2. Top executives look at staff of their personal knowledge and whom they ease to work with, a professional who already knows all about them and do not need extra training;
3. These professionals are increasingly qualified and involved into the business environment;
4. They have direct access to the entire network of relationships to the Board and are responsible for organizing these contacts;
5. They manage all calls and schedule appointments;
6. They are dedicated and committed partners of their leaders;
7. They know who to deal with and how to treat each person within the organization, accelerating the understandings among all stakeholders.

According to Stefi Maerker, Executive Director of SEC Talentos Humanos, one of the leading recruitment, selection and training companies specialized in executive secretaries in Brazil, "the most modern professionals are more participative, collaborate on projects, organize schedules and manage processes. " This is exactly the profile of a business networks co-manager.

Therefore, we recommend talking to all the executive secretaries and check if they will be willing to assist you in your initial task of organizing and mapping out the entire network of relationships that can generate effective business for the company in a relatively short time.

In fact, every company is sitting on this gold mine without giving it due attention .... so far. Hands-on and good luck!

Octavio Neto Pitaluga