(from a male´s perspective)

According to our experience, both professional and personal matters are interdependents. Hence, despite our Coaching program to be customized to each client, it will assess a female role in the society as executive and women.

Target - Female public

  • Business Owners
  • Leading Executives 
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals in career transition
  • Professionals who want to initiative her own career and/or business. 

Identified Challenges

Below we list some issues that are recurrently addressed :

  1. How should I act to pursue new career opportunities?
  2. Despite my professional success, I am not getting any interview. Are my CV and my motivation letter corrects ?
  3. I am dissatisfied with my career . What can I do ?
  4. How to position myself ? What fulfills me vis a vis opportunities available within my profile?
  5. How do I reposition my company and / or brand ?
  6. I devoted myself to motherhood, but I want to resume my career. How can I go back to the job market ?
  7. How to recognize my values ​​as a woman and / or business, and increase my self -confidence ?
  8. How can I develop my self-esteem to overcome bigger professional challenges ?
  9. How to develop my professional strategic planning ?
  10. How to align my values ​​with my current company ?
  11. How to improve my relationship with peers, superiors and staff ?
  12. Should I invest in my own business ? When should I do it ?
  13. I want to start up my own business, but I have many questions about how to prepare the transition from executive to entrepreneur .
  14. I need to make personal marketing on social networks. How to start?
  15. How can I expand my network both personal and professional in a focused and targeted manner ?
  16. I work a male environment. How to deal with them ?
  17. I lead essentially male staff . How to coordinate them without losing my authority and femininity ?
  18. I'm successful in my professional life, but have difficulties in my personal relationships. What can it be improved?
  19. I want to understand how male mind works at both work and personal lives. Who can assist me?
  20. Why do I have difficulties in have long term relationships and/or jobs?

  • Packages range from 4h to 12h, with sliding scale benefits for longer packages and anticipated payment.     
  • The virtual sessions will happen via Skype/G Hang Out, as mutually agreed. 
  • Sessions in English and/or Portuguese, although Spanish could be considered as well.        
  • We recommend to schedule 1h/week, regularly, with minimum 3-day interval between sessions  
  • Please send updated CV or LinkedIn´s profile, install mind map freeware, Free Mind and send MBTI test result.   
  • We recommend to study your profile and additional profiles as well 
  • Program valid for up one year.
  • Payment via PayPal or prefereable payment gateway. 

"“Octavio is one of the smartest and most likeable guys I've had the pleasure of working with. A very good person to know and to do business with. I can fully attest to the acuity, intelligence, motivation and networking skills that Octavio possess. He truly thinks outside of the box. He takes a vision to the next level which is presently demonstrated in his outlook for his company, TEN- Top Executives Net. I wholeheartedly recommend Octavio.” - Taynah Reis

"Octavio is a very intelligent guy and a great networker. I believe In his work as he was a pioneer in terms of Chief Networking Officer 's Coaching. Not only in Brazil but worldwide. I am very proud to be part of its community networking and have learned a lot from him. His meaningful guidance are helping me to redirect my career and change my attitude to the network and business. I recommend him as a coach." - Patricia Medeiros

"Octavio is an impressive person and he transmit this in his company, that has a very pro-active participation in its clients´ lives. He is always looking for innovations, knowledge, descovering needs and sharing his ideas among friends and co-workers. There is no doubt, these are Octavio´s qualities that I admire the most in his person and his work." - Eunice Vitiello

"An infinite world of possibilities ... Lots of ideas ... There are moments in my life so many ideas arise, it is not easy to draw the line ... And it was at such a time I found Octavio. Someone who was looking for me taught to use the tools of LinkedIN, and I discovered that he was also coaching. their rapid and objective perception impressed and decided to make the coaching relying on their objectivity to focus forward to my ideas. were only 5 sessions so far, and this small space of time we have managed to equate issues coming months to walking through my mind. Thanks, Octavio! may you help other people, that in this busy world, often without realizing it, let time pass without making your dreams!" - Pamela Jaque (em 3 Março de 2012)

“I strongly recomend Octavio as a coach for executive women. He gave me precious inputs concerning my CV and my motivation letter, as well as in preparing me for the job interviews. Further, it is common knowledge that women and men have different ways of thinking. Therefore, having his advices and suggestions also helped me a lot in my personal life, mainly to understand and to deal with the "male minds". His work is priceless!!! “ – Ana Luisa Taliberti


Octavio Pitaluga NetoCNO - Chief Networking Officer of TEN - Top Executives Net & BCockpit . Entrepreneur , Business Networks Managed, Business Coach certified by ICC - International Coaching Community, Public Speaker and Facilitator. Most connected South American professional in major social networks, eg , 30,000 + contacts , 80 + testimonials and 17,000 + members in the TEN group on LinkedIN. Defined the responsibilities of the CNO - Chief Networking Officer at Wikipedia worldwide. In the corporate world, he worked at Tele2 Europe Group as Marketing and Sales Director Europe of 3C Communications, subsidiary of electronic transaction processing. He was responsible for operations in up to 17 countries and four business units in Western Europe. He also worked at Seara Alimentos (Cargill Group) and Kanematsu Brazil (now Sojitsu). Octavio earned his MBA / MBI degree at RSM Erasmus University/The Netherlands and his International Business Affairs Post-Graduation studies  at ECEX / UFRJ - Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro/Brazil. He has academic and professional experience in foreign trade and in technology marketing with international business exposure in over 25 countries. Languages : Portuguese, English, Spanish and Japanese (intermediate ).

Interested? Please schedule a short 15-minute session via Skype. Cortesy!