Many professionals are extremely good and technically competent. However, at the very same time, they do not pay too much attention to their business contacts. Until the day, they really need to find that specific person they met at some point in time. If this person is luck enough to reach that professional, normally, he/she will tend to ask for something without offering too much in return. This normal and we see this kind of situation happening every day. Overtime, it also becomes a so called "habit" if which it is spread amid population, it becomes the so called "culture". Well, IMHO, this is not culture at all but lack of it.

This happens because people have not yet been trained since they are very young to become CNO - Chief Networking Officer of their own personal networks. They are not aware of the paramount importance of carrying such great and valuable attitude pattern for life.

Let´s see 7 great reasons to do so at very early age (the younger the better):
  1. Define your strategic and long term goals in life;
  2. Map out all resources needed to reach such targets having a clear understanding that all resources (knowledge, relationship capital, investments, experience, success stories, etc...) come from people (employers, co-workers, investors, employees, etc...) and happen with people who trusts you;
  3. On one hand, value and communicate regularly with all good and reliable contacts from time to time. These people might be of special help occasionally. So, it´s important to have them near you. On other hand, avoid investing time in relatioships with people who are not alligned in the same values and cultural code ;
  4. Define your golden and lifetime team, i.e., people who will complete you and make the difference speeding up your career and business tremendously;
  5. Learn how to use main online social networks in order to manage your network efficiently;
  6. Always be concerned about adding value to your network members i/o just looking for what is in there for you;
  7. Create a win-win environment with a natural communication flow in which wealth can be easily built and proportionally distributed among network members.
Your personal and business networks are the major asset that anyone can build and carry for lifetime. Anyone can do it. Anytime. Anywhere. It´s the most democratic and powerful tool. Regardless of your age, work and life experience, knowledge, race, religion, geographic location, cultural and social level. It´s yours and nobody can take it away from you unless you are not careful enough, of course.

The sooner you understand the value of business networks management and become the CNO - Chief Networking Officer of your own network, the sooner you will make your dreams come true and be surrounded by your dearest friends all way long.

May God bless your path to a brighter future. Amen!