BCockpit is a Geo Social SRM - Stakeholder Relationship Management platform, whose value proposition smoothly complements LinkedIN. All LinkedIN members should be on BCockpit as well. Please take a look at this simple tutorial.
It is quite hard to get a good job today. Candidates must network intensively, reshape their résumés and be lucky enough that a company of interest has a specific job opening at a certain time. If job seekers follow up on all potential leads, they might receive an invitation for a job interview.
Recruiters are always looking for the best talent. During the applicant selection process, HR professionals are constantly asking themselves whether each candidate will be able to meet the organization´s needs.
Candidates know that they have only one chance to get a big "wow", impress quickly all decision makers about their job application and show that they deserve a fair chance to prove their value to the company. 

So, what can you do to dramatically increase your perceived value in just five seconds? The answer is quite simple: from now on, you will organize all your contacts inside BCockpit and show your Contacts Map to the interviewer. My personal Contacts Map is similar to the picture above and better displayed in the presentation below.
A thriving network is a tangible asset to any company. No recruiter will deny that. If job applicants are applying for a business like position, where a large number of connections is highly welcome, their chances will increase quickly.
Of course, HR recruiters consider numerous factors. We will never state that professionals will get jobs just because they organized their connections on BCockpit. However, we can assure you that a candidate may get a "wow" from recruiters and quickly establish a dominant position into their minds that will, hopefully, accelerate the hiring process.
The good news is that BCockpit´s Android version is available today. So, job seekers, who have organized their connections on BCockpit, will literally have their network available in their hands. Besides geolocalizing their connections, BCockpit users will be able to send quick emails, make phone calls and get directions easily.
We would love to hear your story on how you managed to quickly conquer recruiters´ attention by showing your Contacts Map during job interviews. This simple fact may well accelerate the path to a new career challenge. People are just one picture away from a totally new life.
Looking forward to serving you and receiving your feedback.
Thanks in advance. Best regards,
Octavio Pitaluga Neto
CNO - Chief Networking Officer
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