In our recent post, we explained how BCockpit helps job seekers. By that time, we announced its Android version. We will quickly show you how it works.

  • Join BCockpit
  • Read its basic Tutorial
  • Insert your contacts. The more the Excel file or the form is completed, the better, mainly concerning geolocation.
  • Download BCockpit´s Android app
  • Register and you will see a list of contacts
  • Click on the map and you will see your position on the map
  • Look for a specific contact on the map. Zoom in
  • Drag that "yellow man" over the exact location
  • The Street View will open and the green icon will indicate that you are close
  • Voilá! You reached your destination.
This app offers a number of tangible benefits:
  1. Geolocalize contacts of interest (address required)
  2. Organize messy contact databasis in one single point
  3. Accessible via smartphone / tablets (Android version only)
  4. Develop a good habit of keeping contacts updated
  5. Get directions on Google Maps / Street View. This is specially important when you are in an area for the first time in life
  6. Search and reach contact details promptly
  7. Send emails while on the road
  8. Recover all contacts in case of phone robbery/loss/damage immediately 
BCockpit will put literally your network in the palm of your hands. Enjoy it now!
BCockpit is a Geo Social SRM - Stakeholder Relationship Management platform, whose value proposition smoothly complements LinkedIN. All LinkedIN members should be on BCockpit as well. Please take a look at this simple tutorial.
Looking forward to serving you and receiving your feedback.
Thanks in advance. Best regards,
Octavio Pitaluga Neto
CNO - Chief Networking Officer
Tel/Whatsapp: +55 21 2235-8721 / 9 8829-4933
Skype: octaviopitaluga