There is a number of good reasons to implement BNM - Business Networks Management in your company. Consider these 7 solid and basic arguments:

  1. 1. Define a new leadership style, CNO - Chief Networking Officer
  2. 2. Improve communication and commitment among BNM team members
  3. 3. Map out all knowledge, resources, projects, connections and success/failure stories
  4. Organize a controlled business environment around company´s brand
  5. Increase quality of partnerships and confidence between company and stakeholders
  6. Create a "lock-in effect" among all network members
  7. Prevent competition to get closer to your strategic business partners
As a result, company will continuosly experience more businesses in terms of speed, volume and frequency among so many other benefits. The sooner a company starts implementing Business Networks Management methodology, the better.

Still doubtfull? Just imagine that your competitor moved first and that all what is mentioned above may turn against your company. Will you able to cope with the outcome of this decision in the long term?

Looking forward to hearing your comments.

Best regards,

Octavio Pitaluga Neto