I. Be transparent. Transparency builds trust. People who trust in people are those who  become stakeholders around your career and / or business. 

II. Aggregate and share value constantly. Wealth Formula: Value x Acceleration. Value lies in your offering to the market. Acceleration is the ability to viralize this offering to meet the specific demands of your network. 

III. Organize yourself. Everyone has a network whether it is mapped out or not. 

IV. Expand your contacts daily. You do not relates more to an individual anymore but to his/her entire and extended network. 

V. Communicate regularly. You are responsible for managing and serving your network. 

VI. Sow good. We are all interdependent. Domino effect. Cause-Consequence.

VII. Know yourself. So you can understand others. Every individual is a series of codes, values, experiences, dreams and ambitions. 

VIII. Identify wealth. Everyone carries a potential opportunity. 

IX. Appreciate the differences. That is the commonst thing in life. 

X. Avoid conflicts to the most. If there are any, sort them out as fast as you can. If you can not build value, do not take any longer.